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Westland SR.N5 - 1/16 scale

Early SR.N6

I built this model in 1981. It is a semi-scale model of an SR.N6, at 1/20 scale. It was built from balsa sheet and was powered by two Cox .049 glowplug engines, one for lift and the other for thrust. The lift engine was mounted on its back on the floor of the model, and the thrust engine was arranged with its shaft horizontal. A single radio channel was used to control the rudders.

I had great difficulty in getting both engines to run at the same time. Operating the model in a wet and sandy environment did not help the reliability of the model.

Early SR.N5

As I found it difficult and frustrating to get the two glowplug engines of the SR.N6 to run together, I decided that a new approach was required. At that time, I thought that more power was needed for lift than for thrust, so I built this a model using electric power for thrust, and the same Cox .049 engine for lift. This model, built in 1982, was of an SR.N5 and was 1/16 scale.

It too was built from balsa sheet. The thrust was provided by an RS380 motor and a four cell, 4.8V, NICAD pack. The model, without batteries, did not weigh much more than the SR.N6. The larger cushion area helped the lift performance. I added a servo to control a motor control board, so I now had rudder and forward/stop/reverse speed control.

I tested the model on a sandy beach in Scotland, where I lived at the time. I also drove the model into the sea. Performance over rough water was not good, but the craft was controllable and I managed to recover it.

Early SR.N5, powered upEarly SR.N5, static
Early SR.N6, staticEarly SR.N6, powered up