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BHC SR.N6 - 1/12 scale

After proving to myself that electric, radio-controlled scale model hovercraft were indeed practical, the next move was to build a more convincing scale model. The RS540 motor seemed to be more than capable of lifting the earlier craft, so I decided to make an SR.N6 at a larger scale. This was a "back to the drawing board" venture, and required some research and more thought (and drawings). Fortunately for me, Hoverwork had some SR.N6 craft at their workshop on the Isle of Wight, so I arranged a visit and took some photographs and made some measurements.

I wanted to make a model at a scale of 1/12, but the frames on the full sized craft were pitched at 29", which did not scale nicely when using a rule with 1/16" graduations. I could not find a rule with 1/12" markings. I decided to scale at 2mm to the inch, or 1:12.7.

I had found that the previous models were not very robust. It had been difficult to form some of the curved shapes from balsa, particularly the frames for the side decking. On the new SR.N6 I used 1/32" (0.8m) birch plywood for floor, side beams, bulkheads and frames, and 1/64" (0.4mm) plywood for the side decks. The plywood did not need as much treatment as balsa, so the weight increase was not as serious as I had originally thought.

Family of models

The lessons that I learned from this model were incorporated in the next series of SR.N6 models. These were 1/12 scale, as I had now found a suitable rule with 1/12" markings. In 1988 I built three of these models, two as standard SR.N6, and one as a stretched SR.N6 Mk 1S. They can be seen in the above photograph. From left to right they are: the stretched craft, the 1/20 scale AP1-88/80, the 1/12.7 SR.N6, another SR.N6 (on edge of shot) and, in the foreground, another SR.N6.

Further developments of this craft led to the SR.N6 Mk6. With the lessons learned from the four SR.N6 Mk6 models, I built a new SR.N6 in 2006, the model shown below in "Hovertravel" markings.

I have a set of parts cut out for an SR.N5 and an SR.N6 Mk5 welldeck, and will start assembly of these models in 2007.

Collection of SR.N6 models: Mk1, Mk6 and Mk6C.